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Democratic Liberty Tea has declared war on the Democratic Party. Senator Chuck Schumer and Congressman Nancy Pelosi do not represent our ideas. Their obstructionist policies will delay whatever progress this country can make under our new president. The bitter truth for our party is that a great many Democrats voted for Donald Trump. They wanted to Make American Great Again, too. All Americans should want to make America great again. To do that will take the support of both Democrats and Republicans. That means if the President needs his people to get the job done, give him the people he needs. Do not obstruct for the sake of obstruction. We have had enough of that in politics. We suggest that Democrats in Congress support all the appointments of the new president without objection. If they don’t get the job done, then will be the time to step forward with a new plan. To do otherwise is to undermine confidence in the American system of government. The two parties need to respect each other as citizens. The political infighting, the leaking of information, the objecting to every policy decision must stop. If you agree, join us in challenging our party’s leadership in the next Congressional Democratic Primary election. You can make a difference; We can make a difference if enough of us come forward to change our party and the political atmosphere in Washington, DC.

DLT believes current Democratic leaders seem to regard trillion dollar deficits as the new norm, a space program as too costly and the laws they pass as inapplicable to themselves. We believe our entrenched Democratic leaders have become disconnected from us by their long terms of service, their dependence on lobbying groups for funds and their misplaced belief that they cannot be defeated in elections.

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Furthermore, we believe that lobbyists have far too much influence with our politicians and our political leaders lack the will to change the status quo. We believe the linking of lobbyists and politicians have damaged our party and poisoned our system of governance. Democratic loyalty belongs to party appointments (to the victor belongs the spoils) but does not extend to lobbyists’ donation to the party. Lobbyists’ funds to control political votes must cease but it can only cease when citizens elect Democrats whose election did not depend on lobbyists’ money! Lobbyists' will spend a fortune to defeat Democratic Liberty Tea candidates because Democratic Liberty Tea undermines their power in Washington, D.C.

As the Republican Tea Party fights its war against its entrenched politicians, we Democrats must do the same with our own party. We will fight to maintain our Democratic integrity but do not find it disloyal to talk to members of the opposite party to determine their views on issues. Cooperative government demands that both parties work together for the common good. Our Democratic and Republican leaders have proven unable to do this. Maybe Republican Tea Party members and Democratic Liberty Tea members can rebuild the two-party system in this country. We believe our country is worth the effort.

Democratic Liberty Tea members agreed to five basic principles:

Principles of Agreement

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