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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Democratic Liberty Tea a political party?
No. We are a Trademark Licensing organization composed of Democrats united by a common set of principles that we believe our party has neglected for too long. Candidates pay a licensing fee of $100 for the use of our Trademark. If the candidate wins election to the House the House of Representatives, our Licensing Agreement calls for the Representative to pay a 1% Royalty Fee of the campaign funds raised for his or her election. The Royalty applies only to candidates who win election to the House. If you win the Primary Election and the General Election, you must pay the 1% Royalty.

Who can run for office in the Democratic Primary for the House of Representatives?
Any American citizen who is a registered Democrat and eligible to hold office under his or her state’s laws and who meets the requirements under the Constitution of the United States is eligible to run in a Democratic Primary.

What is the benefit for running as a Democrat Liberty Tea candidate?
All candidates elected to office under the Democratic Liberty Tea banner will share the same vision when going to Washington, D.C. While they may have differing secondary issues, they will be united by the Principles of Agreement.

What is my obligation to the Democratic Party once elected to the House of Representatives?
As specified on our website, we will support all candidates recommended by the Democratic Party for leadership positions in the House. We will fulfill our obligations as Democrats in regard to jobs and appointments. To the victor belongs the spoils. However, once having discharged our responsibility as elected leaders, we will retain our freedom to advance our agenda and to work with other members of Congress who support it.

Is Democratic Liberty Tea affiliated with the Tea Party?

Can I run for the U.S. Senate under the Democratic Liberty Tea Party?
Yes, If you qualify within your state laws.

Do I need funding to run?
The only financial requirement is to pay the $ 100.00 licensing fee for our Trademark

What if I don’t pay the $100 to use the Democratic Liberty Tea Trademark?
You must run as an Independent candidate without the designation Democratic Liberty Tea and you will not be able to use our Trademark name or symbol in any of your promotional or campaign literature.

When do I pay the fee?
When you contact our website and reserve your Congressional district, you will be emailed our Principles of Agreement form and a License Agreement Form. Download and sign the forms. Make checks or Money Orders payable to Democratic Liberty Tea in the amount of $100. Within fourteen days, you will receive email confirmation of the licensing agreement. You will be licensed to use our Principles of Agreement and our Trademark Symbol in your promotional/ campaign literature.